Mobilizing an audience for independent film in Northern AZ  
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Our Mission :

A grass roots organization dedicated to:
bringing quality art, foreign, independent, and limited release films to Northern Arizona movie theaters,
and building awareness of quality cinema in Arizona.


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 First time?

Welcome to SedonaFILMLovers, a free guide to independent films in Sedona, Flagstaff, and Prescott.  If you believe you were accidentally sent this email, please reply and ask to be removed.

We only list films that are defined as independent, foreign, or art films.  Sometimes the categories are blurred, but we do our best.  We can suggest to our local theaters which films we would like to have.  Procuring films, however, can be complex.  Theaters bid for movies, yet ultimately distributors have the final say as to where their limited prints are screened.  The longer a film has been showing, the easier it is to get it, but then, it may just be available at the video store, too.

This email service was born out of the need to educate our community about independent film in the area.  Without word of mouth or auxillary marketing, films without big advertising budgets don’t attract big audiences.  In cities of 100,000 or more, a few percent can still fill theaters.   Phoenix only has one theater dedicated to "indie" film.  NYC only has a few.  In rural towns, it is important that all of us turn out when a film comes to town.  We can help you know when and where that is.  The theaters win, and we win.  Please add your interested friends to this list. Thank you!